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After being gone for well over a year, clippings have returned!

Not everything is back yet though, but still there's a nice selection with some great stories on Bartons, the actors and the 1987/1988 Australian television landscape (and Bartons' role in it).

At the moment, all of these clippings come from Olivia's personal collection. I've chosen to add these first, because they form a lot of the references used to write up the facts on this site.

More clippings will follow, including some that Rosemary donated and a few that I've collected over the years.

You can find the clippings on the Clippings page, normally found under the Series menu.

Oh, and I've updated the References page too, so that if a source article is available on the Clippings page, you can open it from the References page with one click. Cool huh?




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