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The short film's page on Bartons on the web hadn't been updated since the site launched in 2020. The reason is simple: there's only so much I can tell you about a film that I haven't seen.

But that changes today, because I've finally had an opportunity to watch the film! Yes!

With many many many thanks to Nick at ACMI for making this exception possible and to Jocelyn for allowing ACMI to share the film with me!

This enabled me to expand the single page that was, into the full section on the film you'll find here starting today.

Have a look at the new and expanded Film section here.

I've expanded the Trivia page with two frame comparisons of a scene from the film with the same scene from the series' episode. This is based on the (now) publicly available stills from ACMI. Some other pages have also been revised as I've learned a lot of new information.

Speaking of the Trivia page, that now really is its own page. Previously, the trivia was actually part of the Production Details page (even though it appeared as a separate entry in the menu and in other spots). There's also some new trivia (not just film related).

The Photos page has also been split, and in three pages no less. The split was done for performance reasons, and also gave me some breathing room to add all the stills you'll find on the site in one place.

Noticed the new photo banner? I got feedback from a few people that they were initially unsure if they landed on a page about the "right Bartons" after clicking on a Google search result. I hope posting a few stills right on the front page will reassure people.

And last but not least, since I occasionally get asked about what I have in my collection, I've put up a page with a list of what's in my Bartons collection. Obviously I can't show you everything (due to copyright reasons), but there's still interesting things to be seen. Take a look here.

The My Collection page also contains my wish list.

Wednesday, 2 February 2022
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