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Close-up of a clipping
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Just a quick content update:

I've added two new clippings to the Clippings page:

  • Hard work and little pay for most child actors looks into the unfair pay that child actors received when compared to adults in the 80s, with Bartons ...
Rosemary Smith and Olivia Harkin on set
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Page updates are a bit further apart nowadays because all the source material is pretty much on the site.

But I just found two pictures in my collection that I had not previously uploaded to the site (for unknown reasons). I added them for your enjoyment!

Olivia ...

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Today marks the 35th anniversary of the conclusion of the production of Bartons. By this day in 1987, everything was shot, edited and transferred on to broadcast tapes. Only one thing remained left to do...

So, on 22 August 1987, a big Going Away-party was held in Studio 31. It was the very last time cast ...

Fire Station 31 in 1960
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With full credits to fellow Bartons fan Richard, a new filming location has been confirmed! It's the fire station seen in the episode Position Vacant, completing all filming locations used in that episode!

And what's really cool is that Richard reached out to Fire Rescue Victoria, ...

A clipping that contains a short interview with Olivia!
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After being gone for well over a year, clippings have returned!

Not everything is back yet though, but still there's a nice selection with some great stories on Bartons, the actors and the 1987/1988 Australian television landscape (and Bartons' role in it).

At the moment, all of these clippings come ...

Rosemary Smith
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I've added a few photos to the Photos page for you to enjoy.

A few come from Rosemary's personal collection, two are from fellow Bartons fan Paul and a few are from my own collection.

Here's three of them:

Liv in 1987 Clipping from the Radio Times Rosemary Smith
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It's been a full year, but finally has a few clips again! Sorry it took so long!

You can find the clips in the episode guide. There's fourteen clips in total: one for each episode, the opening credits and one extra clip from Half-time (for long time visitors: no points ...

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Happy New Year!
Here's hoping that this year is better than the last two were (although, strictly from a Bartons on the Web point of view, they weren't too bad, but you get what I mean, right?).

New content!
We start the year with a nice content update! If you scoot over to ...



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