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Scattered across this site you can find various photos, mostly scaled down to fit the article they're illustrating. I thought it fitting to include a photos page with the original, full sized pics for you to enjoy. This also gives me a place to put the photos I didn't use in any article.

Click the photos for larger versions.

A very big thank you goes out to the lovely Olivia for sharing her personal photos.

I could not have done this without you, Liv!

[1]: Photographer unknown, kindly provided by Olivia Harkin from her personal collection.
[2]: Photographer unknown, from Parents & Children Magazine, April/May 1988 issue (p.28); used under clauses collectively known as citaatrecht in Dutch law.

Please refer to the legal disclaimer for copyright statements and liability limitations regarding third party contributors.

Ben Toovey, Olivia Harkin and Rosemary Smith eating Olivia

LTR: Ben Toovey, Olivia Harkin and Rosemary Smith on set enjoying Olivia's birthday cake (she turned twelve that day), during the shoot of Bye Bye Bartons

cast group photo on the beach

Cast group photo, taken during the shoot of Bartons on the Beach for fun (as in: not for promotional use).

LTR: Rosemary Smith, Frankie J. Holden, Ben Toovey, Matt Day, Jennifer Jarman-Walker, Olivia Harkin, Michael O'Reilly.

Note: matching bathers: only 1 out of 6…

Olivia Harkin and Trent Lee (Elly

Olivia Harkin (left) and her stunt double Trent Lee, backstage during the shoot of The Great Billycart Aid Race

Jennifer Jarman Walker in daggy mum cardigan

"Jenny Jarman Walker in her daggy mum cardigan" (in Olivia's words)
Taken in front of the Barton house


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Various cast and crew members during the going away party on the final day of shooting C/o the Bartons


Rachel Evans, with Olivia Harkin and Rosie Smith

LTR: Olivia Harkin, Rachel Evans, Rosemary Smith

During filming,
Rachel Evans made sure the children didn't fall behind on their curriculum. Rachel also acted as their mentor and surrogate mum





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